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March 15, 2023

Ode to the Men of Culture

In the land of wit and banter, where the Men of Culture dwell,

Lies a realm of satirical musings, spun with tales to tell.

From the depths of their armchairs, they weave stories and jest,

But within this poem, their true nature is put to the test.

The Men of Culture rise at noon, from beds made of silk,

Their slippers adorned with memes, and robes that flow like milk.

To the kitchen they saunter, seeking sustenance and cheer,

Their breakfast of champions, a pint of craft beer.

They gather 'round their screens, the light shimmering like a beacon,

Their fingers swift and nimble, on keyboards they be peckin'.

From the ether, they conjure their witticisms and quips,

To share with the world, as a fleet of clever ships.

In the midst of their musings, they sip on espressos with glee,

Dunking biscotti and debating - is it art, or is it just me?

Their words a tapestry of satire, woven with precision and care,

A testament to their intellect, in the annals of the blogosphere.

When evening falls, the Men of Culture break from their craft,

Venturing out to the pub, where they'll laugh, and jest, and draft.

Their conversations are lively, a spectacle to behold,

A symphony of irony, where no topic stays untold.

The night grows darker, but their spirits remain bright,

Fueled by pints of stout, and the promise of delight.

And as they stagger homeward, the Men of Culture sing,

A melody of satire, a song that has a sting.

So here's to the Men of Culture, those wordsmiths of the night,

Their tales of wit and humor, an internet delight.

Let their satire guide us, as we navigate this world,

Where truth is oft' elusive, and reality is twirled.

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