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March 15, 2023

Study Shows 99% of People Lie on Surveys, Results Now Considered Highly Suspicious

A recent study conducted by the Totally Reliable Institute of Survey Sciences (TRISS) revealed a shocking truth: 99% of people lie on surveys, casting doubt on the reliability of survey-based data.

Dr. Chad Bro, the lead researcher at TRISS, shared his disbelief during a press conference. "It turns out that almost everyone is lying on surveys. I mean, we didn't see this coming. It's like our whole world is crashing down around us," he lamented.

The Brofessor, a fellow TRISS researcher, added, "We spent countless hours analyzing data and cross-referencing responses, only to discover that people just can't resist making things up. It's a fascinating insight into human nature."

Gloria Shteinem chimed in, questioning the entire survey industry. "If people are lying on surveys, then what can we trust? Our whole understanding of society is now in question."

The study has even caught the attention of Lord Fluffington, Chad's snobbish cat, who raised an eyebrow and flicked his tail, demonstrating his mild interest in the matter.

As the researchers scramble to assess the implications of their findings, experts around the world are left wondering whether survey results can ever truly be trusted again. The TRISS team has proposed an alternative method for data collection: interviewing pets, as they seem to be the only creatures incapable of lying.

In the wake of this groundbreaking study, one thing is certain: the world of surveys will never be the same again.

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